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    Preservation and not progression

    One of my goals when I write a book is to bring the past to life. It is getting to the point where today’s generation can only read about and look online to see their local history. Thankfully, there will always be local museums and various old homes and other buildings to remind us of the past, but they too are slowly being overtaken with new developments.

    Although I agree that due to the ever-increasing population, progression in most areas is required, but it must never come at the expense of any type of local history. We must preserve old homes that so many lived in for many years, and we must also preserve not just the building but also the land that many worked hard on to provide food for the entire city.

    Some may say my thoughts are too old-fashioned, and people who think like I do are too afraid to move forward. I am old-fashioned and I have no problems at all with people telling me that. Gone are the days when children played outside and had large backyards. The days when students had to visit the library to research for an assignment, and those days in the summer when the ice cream van played its music and kids ran outside to buy a cold ice cream.

    The values those in the past taught so well are slowly disappearing, and one thing we as a younger generation can do is talk to our grandparents. Listen to their stories and see how hard things were for them. It is those stories of hardship that will make everyone realize that an old weatherboard or limestone home will come to have more meaning to them. So, when they drive by an older suburb and see one being torn down, they like me will become angry and want to do something about it.

    Not all share my feelings; some have no issues whatsoever about how much damage is done to local history. I am a firm believer that everyone has the right to their own opinions, but I will never stop fighting for what I believe is right. I will never stop helping those who are fighting to save their land and homes from developers.

    Preservation and not progress!

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