My third book “Cecilia House” has certainly caused some controversy regarding the subject matter. Although still historical fiction it deals with a dark and disturbing event that still every now and then continues to make headlines today. My writing brings different aspects of the past to life and it is not limited to one specific time or place. Those children in Cecilia House had no voice, no one listened to them nor cared enough to challenge the powers that be. It is irrelevant how many years have passed since, their story had to be told despite how confronting it is.

I have encountered many shocking stories of survival and they will stay with me for as long as I live. Emails I have received about my first two books have been so positive but a majority of readers have refused to read Cecilia House. After a select few changed their minds others soon followed and the reviews on various sites including Amazon and Good Reads were again positive. My decision to write this book has given confidence to many to come forward and finally reveal their own painful stories or those of their loved ones. It has also inspired many others to want to do more including donations which help children today reach their full potential despite their circumstances.

If you are a victim of abuse or have a family member who was no matter how many years ago, I will send you a complimentary eBook. You can use the contact form on the homepage to send me your details and you will receive a prompt reply from me.

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